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NC Auditor Office Disgrace

Updated: Apr 6

Many of you know the sad saga of the NC State Auditor's office. The previously elected Auditor recently resigned in disgrace. The current State Auditor is a political appointee with scant accounting background. The Republicans are choosing between a staffer from the State Legislature and an Attorney who has served on the board at UNC. You can google all the sordid details, but here is a sample of what you will find:

What to do about the NC Auditor Office Disgrace? Cast your vote for a new Auditor. One with an accounting certification would be a good start. One who would be independent of the favoritism implied when Democrats audit Democrats and Republicans audit Republicans. That would be me, Bob Drach, a registered Libertarian, on the November ballot for State Auditor.

Most registered voters in North Carolina want a candidate like Bob Drach to be the State Auditor
Restoring the North Carolina office of the Auditor is important, but the opportunity is much bigger than that. Look at voter registration in North Carolina. A plurality of voters register for other parties than Democrat or Republican, with most of those being unaffiliated. They do this because the Rs and Ds most often give us all very poor choices. The Auditor's race is a good opportunity for voters to change politics in North Carolina. By voting for the best candidate when they are neither Republican or Democrat, it can start a virtuous cycle of better candidates and better behavior in future elections.

Bob Drach is your best choice for NC State Auditor
Bob Drach for NC State Auditor
Help change politics in North Carolina. Vote for Bob Drach for NC Auditor!


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