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Why Democrats and Republicans make bad State Auditors

international Ethics Standards Board for Accountants

The International Ethics Standards Board for Accounts just released its Draft Standards for Sustainability Audit Practitioners(1). It states that Auditors are required to be independent. Here is what they say about independence:

Independence comprises: ...

(b) Independence in appearance – the avoidance of facts and circumstances that are so significant that a reasonable and informed third party would be likely to conclude that a firm's, or an audit, assurance, or sustainability assurance team member's, integrity, objectivity or professional skepticism has been compromised.

Who is the "reasonable and informed third party?"

This election is where you, the voter, get to be the reasonable and informed third party. Do you think that a Democrat or a Republican auditor is independent when auditing an entity that is most typically operated or authorized by another Democrat or Republican?

In the past, when you were given two choices each rotten half the time, you had to abstain, or hold your nose and vote for the "lesser of two evils."

In this year's elections for State Auditor, you have a better choice. Bob Drach, the Libertarian candidate, earned his Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential and an MBA from Stanford University. He worked for professional services firm Deloitte, and has been doing accounting, treasury, managment, and IT for over 30 years. His public service includes serving as a teacher in the United States Peace Corps and serving on a County Board.

Bob is your independent choice and your best choice for North Carolina State Auditor. Learn more about Bob and his campaign at



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