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Connecting Dots

"Accountants in public practice should be independent in fact and appearance when providing auditing and other attestation services." (American Institute of CPAs)

About half of state government is dominated by Democrats, and the other half by Republicans.  

Do we really want a major political party in charge of auditing itself?  That is an apparent conflict of interest if not an actual conflict of interest.  It is one reason that governement finances seem out of control.  

Both major party candidates have an inherent conflict of interest when auditing members of their own parties.  Only Bob Drach can restore trust in state finances.

Change Politics

in North Carolina

(Hint - vote for "Other")

Most registered voters want another option ...


"Very nice to meet you all. I am Bob Drach -- your best choice for North Carolina's State Auditor."

Bob is pleased to meet you.  He is your best choice for North Carolina State Auditor.


  • I am a former Certified Management Accountant, Treasurer, CFO, and CIO.  

  • I worked 5 years for Deloitte, a major professional services firm. 

  • I have multiple other professional certifications, taught in public schools, and served on the New Hanover County Board of Equalization and Review.

  • I am uniquely both a former Peace Corps volunteer and graduate of the business school at Stanford University.

This embarassment of the State Auditor's office is just the latest example of how Democrats and Republicans have failed to keep the faith in our public institutions.  This is a perfect reason to give the job to a political outsider.  

We all want the government to function well, and this must start in the Auditor's office.  The Auditor's job should be to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in government entities and contracts. -- not to compound it!  Elect Bob Drach to restore the integrity of the NC Office of State Auditor.

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