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Get registered and vote for Bob Drach

"I am too busy ..." "... politics just feels so hopeless...," and "... nothing will change..."  These are reasons people give me for not being registered to vote or if they are registered, failing to cast a vote. 

The NC State Board of Elections website explains how to register and the many options to cast your vote.  Links for each are below.  


Think about others you know who need to register or who are reluctant to vote this cycle.  Know someone like this?  Forward them a link to this page and encourage them to hep us change politics in North Carolina.  

Thank you for your vote!

Register to vote

Here is information on registering online, in person at the DMV, at early voting sites, and by mail:

Vote by mail, early, or on election day

You may vote in person early, on election day, or cast your ballot by mail.  There are voting procedures and rules to undestand as well on this helpful siteL

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