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Independent, Ethical, Qualified - Bob Drach spills his guts on 97.1 FM

Thanks to Raeford Brown and Lee Barrows for our talk about why Bob Drach will be a fabulous NC State Auditor -- starting after 1:02 and ending 1:40 in the following video.

Highlights include:

  • More NC voters are unaffiliated - not D or R - Bob is the best choice for unaffiliated

  • Bob is the only candidate independent in both appearance and in fact

  • The Office of State Auditor has been mired in scandal,

  • The current auditor is a political appointee and lawyer - not an accountant

  • The Republican options are also just more of the same

  • Bob explains the different types of audits from the Office of the State Auditor

  • The recent performance audit on 4 school systems smacks of political manipulation

  • Bob tells how a Peace Corp volunteer and Stanford MBA came to run for State Auditor

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