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Is this a sweet ride or what?

With apologies to Jake and Elwood Blues, it does not have a cop engine, cop suspension, cop transmission, etc. What it has is a driver who is independent of the soiled reputation of Office of State Auditor and the traditional biases that exist in state government.


The American Society of Certified Public Accountants states: "Accountants in public practice should be independent in fact and appearance when providing auditing and other attestation services."

The auditor should not be in the same political party as the state government officials who they audit.

The auditor should not be a political appointee. The auditor should not be raising and spending a million dollars from political donors. The auditor should not be a creature of the state legislature. This is what we mean by independent.

There is only one independent Auditor this election cycle. Elect Bob Drach as the North Carolina State Auditor.

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