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Which NC State Auditor candidate will best protect your money?

Q1 financial reports from the State Board of Elections show over $600,000 (!!) spent on the State Auditor race so far. 

Republican contenders spent the bulk of that amount in a contested primary, and the Democrat in the race spent about 20 times the amount that I spent. 

Source: NC State Board of Elections

In my business career, I built a reputation of being cost effective and fair.  When you are cost effective, there is more money left to invest in the people, processes, and equipment needed to run a great organization. 

I plan to run the Office of the State Auditor the same way, and bring these same expectations to the state and local entities that we audit. 

This extreme cost effectiveness is one of the ways I can help change politics in North Carolina.

Next quarter, I will have more in contributions, but I am sure to lag the PAC / special-interest money raised by my competitors (what on earth is that $600,000 buying?). 

Whatever I raise from our coalition, my commitment is to continue spending wisely in pursuit of the votes we need to win.  We expect a total of 5.5 million voters in this election, which means we win with 2 million votes. 

Here is how we will do it. 

Vote for me.  Tell others.  Consider a donation or add your name to our volunteer list at

Together we can change politics in North Carolina. 
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